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Child-proof Receptacles

Every year children become victims of electrical shock in our homes and daycare centres which can be avoided with a simple swap out of outdated receptacles in homes and businesses.

Tamper-resistant receptacles are required by the Canadian electrical code in new construction, but non protected outlets would still exist in homes built before 2009.

The receptacles work by having a plastic guard inside the outlet openings which need 2 prongs to be pushed in with even pressure which happens with a standard appliance plug, but won’t allow one prong to be pushed in which is what occurs when a child inserts a foreign object into an outlet.

For the the cost of about $2-3 per outlet you can have the piece of mind knowing that your house is protected from children accidentally putting something into an outlet and getting electrocuted.

The old way of placing plastic covers over receptacles is a thing of the past as they aren’t very attractive and the new tamper-resistant outlets look no different then the outdated plugs throughout ones home.

While this can be a relatively easy task for the do it yourself homeowner, it is always recommended to call a licensed and insured electrician for any electrical work being performed to ensure the safety of your home and family.

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