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Generator Panels for peace for mind

Ever lost power to a storm or damaged equipment from the utilities?

One time or another everyone has experienced a total loss of power in their home. It can leave a feeling of helplessness.

We all take for granted the convenience of having power at our fingertips by flipping a switch or plugging an appliance into an outlet.

But what about when the power isn’t there. Simple things like watching tv, charging a phone or computer, keeping a fridge or deep freeze cold, and even the heat in our homes Most of these things are being utilized everyday without even thinking about it. But when they’re not there. It’s hard to think of anything else, especially when your not sure how long it will even be out for.

Well what if there was a solution for this absence of power. Thankfully there is. It’s called a generator panel or transfer switch.

You can install a small sub panel next to your existing panel and anytime there is a lack of power from the utility you can flip a breaker, plug in a generator and your back in business.

You can even go as far as having the whole home or a disruption free changeover with an Automatic transfer switch.

This can provide you with non essential loads like lights and plugs, essential loads like fridges and deepfreezes, and also could save you from a major disaster like having your pipes freeze in winter or supplying power to a sump pump.

Dont be left in the dark !

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